Mighty Car Mods – A social media perspective


Love cars? Are you a car enthusiast or simply enjoy modifying mad cars? Then you, my friend, will love Mighty Car Mods! You don’t need to have expensive, fancy, or powerful cars to have fun. Mighty Car Mods gives you an opportunity to embrace both you and your car in ways unimaginable through the MCM car community. Interested? Let me first tell you about Mighty Car Mods.

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Retrieved from https://mightycarmods.com/

Now, you may have heard about it, seen stickers on panels, windows, or bumpers, because MCM is more popular than you can imagine. Mighty Car Mods, proudly supported by Just Car Insurance, is an independent automotive film series created by two friends, Marty and Moog. It started back in 2007 in Australia when these two friends started filming cars in Marty’s mom’s driveway. At first, the idea was to make a car show called “Clean & Green Car”, which was meant to be a blog focusing on economical and sustainable Japanese cars. But when their first video hit 307 views on the first week on YouTube, it served as a sign that they have given the world a whole new level of car modifications. These days, millions of people watch MCM each week. According to their official website, MCM series now sees up to 3 million views per week, making it the #1 automotive channel in Australia and #1 DIY automotive channel in the world. One of their video series, “Lend us a ride” has since been licensed by Quantas Airlines and appears on their flights domestically and internationally.

Unbelievable right? This is why I have chosen to dedicate this blog post to MCM and describe the ways that they use social media to share their voice, videos, and creativity with the world.

Social Medias Used:      download (3)

MCM is involved in just about any social media platform. They have a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Google +, Flickr, YouTube, and Wiki. They even have discussion forums, email sharing, and magazines. The social media platforms they use are active and updated regularly. Facebook and YouTube are the most active ones. Replies to comments are done straight away and more information is provided once asked for.


Source: Retrieved from https://www.facebook.com/mightycarmods/


Here are some MCM statistics from some platforms:

fb-art   : 1, 040, 423 plus Likes

instagram_logo_0  : 192K followers

YouTube  : A range of 1 million plus views per video and more than 1 million subscribers

download : 27.9K followers

The Four C’s: 

Along with the types of social medias Mighty Car Mods uses, I will also share how Niall Cook’s 4 c’s – Communication, Collaboration, Cooperation, and Connection – are also key concepts in MCM.

Mighty Car Mods mainly focuses on sharing automotive creativity with the world. In regards to Cook’s concepts, this is  a form of connection. However, in a way, it can also be looked at as a form of cooperation, which according to Cook, is more aimed at sharing information and content. I have elaborated above on how they utilize social media platforms and how effective MCM reaches out. Connection is the key concept in MCM which ensures everyone in the community remains connected and updated. And with connection, information sharing is made possible, hence cooperation.

With the ability to connect,  MCM uses social media such as Facebook to communicate with and update followers. They post information about new DIY projects coming up and updates on videos being edited or uploaded to YouTube. Once you subscribe to YoutTube or follow on Facebook, you get notifications whenever something comes up. Here is a video as an example. Marty and Moog posted on Facebook that they were sitting in a carpark and they want to lend a car. At exactly 57 seconds later, honestly 57 seconds, cars started rumbling into the area.

MCM also does a lot of collaborative techniques. Recently, followers on Facebook were asking who is responsible for editing the videos before they were uploaded to Facebook. Moog answered, basically saying that the decisions relate to the cars, and sometimes it is voluntary. If it was his car or his idea of a mod, he’ll be doing most of the editing. Sometimes, they help each other doing bits of everything. They take turns filming, editing, or carrying out the mods. One might do this bit, and the other comes in and does the rest.  They have been doing so for 10 years that it is almost impossible to differentiate their editing styles.

Thinking about the purpose MCM has on the world and its followers, it can also be related to a concept of collaboration. From MCM, Marty and Moog does the filming, demonstrates the mods, and uploads it. Then the viewers will see the techniques demonstrated in the videos, learn how to do it, and apply it to their own.

S.O.C.I.A.L  Approach:      images (1)

With the effective use of social media in MCM, they are scalable, open, consistent, intuitive, active, and limitless.

MCM is scalable: They have regular updates on their social media sites. Viewers/ followers can receive offers such as MCM products or behind the scenes specials to the mods. Through this, MCM easily retains its followers and attracts thousands more at the same time.

MCM is open: MCM is not just about Marty and Moog sharing knowledge about mad mods. MCM includes both its creators and audiences in every way. For example, not only does the audience watch what MCM decides to share, but MCM also listens to what the audience wants and considers it. Recently on their latest episode that came out, “The $3000 turbo car challenge“, they prepared the cars for the battle and asked the audience what sorts of events or obstacles they want to see the cars go through. They don’t always make the decisions. Because of how open MCM is,  the followers also have a say.

MCM is consistent: You get what you expect  and when you expect from MCM. Followers are chained to the fact that they get what they want. MCM is all about modifying cars and that’s exactly what each video delivers. Whenever a project was being carried out, updates on the release date is posted on Facebook, informing the followers when to expect the next video release. And when the day comes, MCM lives up to the expectations.

MCM is intuitive: Type in “Mighty car mods” in any web browser and you will easily get to their official website. Filled with all their videos, products, and an easy navigation throughout the whole site.

MCM is active: As soon as a post hits their page, especially Facebook, it triggers and maintains a set of conversations between both MCM and followers.

MCM is limitless: There are things MCM does that you wouldn’t even think about doing. Their mods can start from just being cheap to absolutely creative and adaptive. When it is time for a change, they never neglect their willingness to expand their limits.

To conclude, Mighty Car Mods uses and implements social media effectively. Even though MCM is mostly Marty and Moog, there is a whole community of car enthusiasts that are supporting the team. They’ve started out as just something fun to do on the weekends to being #1 in the automotive channels and worldwide DIY modifications.



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