Business and Social Media Mixed!

Running a business means a lot of work. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small or large business, profit or non-profit, personal or official. There are still loads of work to be done. Let’s take small and large businesses as an example. Both aims to make profits, manage day-to-day sales, update marketing details and techniques, and most importantly keep the door open for more customers.

Small Business

In a small business, commonly there’s a manager and a few employees. Of course, we all know how who is responsible for what and such. But to get to the point of involving social media, that is where the challenge begins. Loads of studies have been done on how small businesses adapt to the new marketing trend via social media. Results came showing that most small businesses don’t have the time to keep up with social media. They might have a Facebook page and a few followers, but the there is no time to be spent on Facebook. Like I said, running day-to-day sales is not easy.

I did an interview with a local car dismantlers shop here in Palmerston North to gather more evidence on my theory. I discovered that there are only 4 employees, a bunch of parts, and an email address for customers to get in touch. They do their marketing mostly by the traditional social media. They have newspaper ads, brochures, and a few radio ads. Even me I found this place by asking around, so I guess that’s the word of mouth helping. During my visit, it is obvious that a dedicated employee to promote the business via social media is not available. They will also need equipment if they would consider upgrading their marketing techniques. so in the concept of B2B, I’d say that they’re doing pretty good so far because other shops already have contacts with them. But for a BSC, there are more improvements to be made. The other day I had to email them for a parts inquiry and I had to wait couple days later for a response.


In addition, businesses are all about the flow of revenue and customer satisfaction. Involving social media in work hours may lead to employees misusing time. Also, there are risks of business reputation, wasting company hours, security issues based on business information, and the opening to world criticism.

Large Businesses 

In many of the common large businesses, social media is very popular and widely used due to its ability to provide instant B2C engagement. Companies have, say Facebook pages, where they post new merchandise, announcements, and attract customers. Social media also give the ability for businesses to follow potential customers, listen to their needs, get to know them well so in return they can sell exactly what customers are after. It is also a way of getting instant feedback on the business performance.

Take the Warehouse as an example. They have an amazing Facebook page where you can find almost anything. It’s like going to the store itself but instead, you are just browsing through their page. And once a customer asks about something, there is always someone on the other end giving out instant responses. So obviously, there is an employee whose responsibility is to stay on the page and follow customers, assist them in any way needed, and provide updated product details to the page. I think this is social media very well used by a business and everyone can see the success in terms of performance and service.



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