What is a blog?
A blog is a website where any individual or group of users record and share opinions, information, experiences, or thoughts on a daily basis. Blogs are commonly written in an informal or conversational style. It is meant to be discrete and have the ability to illustrate a mental picture in the readers’ mind of what the writer is conveying in the message with what sort of personality.

Brief history of blog: was generally known as the first blog, created by Justin Hall in 1994, which he referred to as his personal homepage. From then until 1997 was when the term “weblog” came in by Jorn Barger. A year later, blogs were introduced to the public as a news site when Jonathan Dube blogged about a major hurricane that tragically hit North Carolina. The following year was when the word “blog” was born. Renamed from “Weblog” into “Blog” by Peter Merholz. Afterwards, new platforms were invented, different names were assigned, and the blog began its growth into what we all know today. These days, blogs contribute a great amount of news media, entertainment, hobbies, personal writings, and company reviews to the online world.

So why do we blog?  

If we take a moment to think about it and ask ourselves why do we blog, I believe that the most common reasons will be in these ten ideas that I’ve thought about.

10 reasons to blog:

 When we blog, it is all about the moment. Expressing ourselves over a topic of interest and exploring the freedom to speak from our hearts is just the mixture we all desire. Blogs don’t come with fancy editors or strict publishers that will be making changes to your posts and telling you what to do, what not to do. No. A blog is all about giving yourself a voice, a right to be heard, and a right to express yourself to your own limit. With such freedom of expression, other great traits are also developed. Blogging gives you a sense of connection with people. Posts published will be read by anyone online and this gives writers a chance to make a stand, make a difference, become an expert, gain more knowledge, and most importantly, help the people. Sure most people these days would say that the main reason they blog is for money and popularity. But why should this be the case? Why shouldn’t we go beyond the borders and make the most if it? For those that  blog just for the creativity and fun of it, I salute you! I strongly believe that the true motivation must be structured on creativity and fun. In that way, the whole world will have a taste of what it’s like and know the true intentions of why we blog.

Since we now have a clue of why people blog, why don’t we look at some reasons from a social media point of view? Blogging has a set of roles when it comes to social media. What I would like to share is the roles of  promotion, market, and connection. As an example, I will use one of my favorite blogs called “Top Gear“. This is a blog for car fans. Here fans have access to series of episodes, latest news on upcoming events, a list of products for purchase, and many sorts of things. There are also links to share any material you like on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and etc.. So here is the idea of connecting. Once someone decides to share and the next person does the same, before you know it, the material has gone viral. In a way, this is also promoting the company, Top Gear, on millions of pages over the net. I also mentioned about sales of products which is a common marketing strategy companies used to promote themselves and achieve the connection among the people. These products include phone cases, key chains, stickers and many more. Top Gear, as my example, has done an amazing job.

So in terms of social media, blogs play the roles of connection, promotion, and marketing which are very crucial to have in order to be successful.

Thank you…stay tuned!


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