Social Media from my viewpoint

The world we live in today is involved with so many things. We have new technologies coming in every year, our daily routines changing continually, and life being positively affected by the choices we make. These days, one common habit among all is the need for Social Media. Social media is one of the leading, most powerful ways of information exchange online. From kids to adults, Social Media is everywhere. It is used almost every second and is now, without any doubt, a huge domination in our ways. I can say that it can be considered as one of the most powerful tools yet on the net. But what is social media? Why is it so important?

Social Media can be defined in many ways. It can be referred to as countless activities or ways in which we live in today’s virtual world. I mean everyone knows about it. I’m sure even my 10-year-old niece can tell me what it is. But looking at social media in context, it can be described as a set of tools or equipment available to assist or help better enhance our abilities to carry out communication, cooperation, collaboration, and connection throughout the world. These are also known as the primary functions of social software. This idea began with a social networking site called in 1997 which gave people a “connection” online. Since then, changes were made, a couple of components added, and improvements took place, which led to the possibility of what we have today as Social Media. However social media does not refer to one thing. It involves other areas on the internet which can be addressed as sites. The idea of having connections, communications, cooperation, and collaborations, exists in forms such as blogs, wiki, discussion forums, micro blog, podcasts, social networking sites, and web conferencing. These are well-known types of social media. Of course, some of them might seem less interactive to be considered a part of social media, but the important concept is that it does provide a way to make the 4 C’s (connection, communication, cooperation, collaboration) possible.

So why does it matter to us? If we try to simplify the services that social media provides, it might be easier to understand. Let us look at social media in just basic input output communication. For example, if there are two islands, separated by a vast amount of ocean with all kinds of creatures, and I have been instructed to deliver a message to the king on the other island. If I were to sail across, I might not make it. But the message has to be delivered. It is a matter of life or death. Oh no! What do I do?..If I cross the ocean, my life is in danger, but if I don’t, the other person is in danger. So what do I do?..Referring back to why Social Media matters to us, and thinking about the idea behind this short example, I can say that it is now obvious. It is the need, the necessity, and the simplicity it provides us that makes us who we are today. Without cooperation, communication, connection, and collaboration among us, what will become of us? Have a think about it and ask yourself.. What does Social Media mean to me?.

Stay “Connected” for more to come…

Thank you.


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